Brings renewable energy to powerless communities


Here's how We make an impact

+600,000 WAtts

In the last two years we reached 300 families get access to energy.

+50,000 Green Hours

To date, we created 35 jobs and employ 3 female engineers in an area with unemployment rates of 70%. Pretty awesome.

190 kg of c02 ^ Annually

Replacing the non-environment friendly solutions like generators and candles.

Breaking the structural barriers to poverty reduction is a community effort

The society-centered design process that makes our systems effective


First, we study the community, assess the potential site, and even employ spatial analysis tools to identify optimal positioning.

Land & Expand

Then we install systems that are tailored to the need and then expand by upgrading based on the demand.


Based on the assessment of local engineers who best understand their community needs we build the most suitable system.


Because we work with many NGO's on large scale projects, we have the contacts and resources to get the best prices on smaller units for household use. This allows us to provide more economical units for homes in underserved communities and for special needs.


We test these systems by monitoring the peak hours of use as well as the sun angle and coverage.


Finally, we iteratively optimize systems based on the feedback of our customers.

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Water Sector

We renovated 20 desalination plants that provided 15,000 Liters/day across the Gaza strip by deploying solar systems to power them.

Health Sector

We installed tens of solar systems to support nebulizers and electric mattresses, in homes with disabled individuals.


We installed solar street lights in communities serving more than 7000 people.

Sunbox timeline

Oct 17

Emirates Energy Award

Sunbox becomes the first Gaza based social enterprise to receive the renewable energy award organized under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

Nov 17


Sunbox registered a company and hired its first four employees.

Dec 17


We successfully shipped the first prototype to Gaza. It was shipped from the US and crossed the borders into its way to the family who received it.

Apr 18

MIT Pan Arab competition

Sunbox was declared the second runner-up for the social enterprise track in this competition.

Jun 18

Pilot test

SunBox imported 500w solar devices along with panels and batteries to provide 11 families inside the camps as a pilot for the company

Jul 18


We raised over $55k through crowdfunding on launchgood. This allowed us to provide subsidies on the coming shipment for the families.

Sep 18

Transcending borders

SunBox imported 200 units across the Erez border into Gaza. This became pivotal in lifting movement and access restrictions on solar panels.

Oct 18

Cross subsidization

We designed a triple-bottom line business model that gives power to people who don't traditionally have it through cross-subsidization.

Nov 18


Our CEO explained SunBox vision through her speech at TEDwomen in California.

Sep 19

Mohammad Ali Humanitarian Award

We  received the Six Core Principle Award for Confidence as a recognition for the impact SunBox created.dustry's standard

A collection of our projects


makes the dreamwork

As a resident of Gaza, Majd observed the acute need for access to construction material as well as electricity infrastructure in order to rebuild damaged buildings and make living bearable. To that end, Majd designed an affordable solar system and has a goal to empower millions.

Majd Mashharawi
Chief Executive Officer
Our Engineers and Technicians are all client facing and spend time tailoring the product to fit the needs of the families we serve.

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WHO we Are

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I'm Majd Mashharawi from Gaza, Palestine. I build solar systems to bring light and power to my community. Here's a little bit about me.

Systems thinking

I always try to think outside of the box, and take a holistic approach at understanding the repercussions of every intervention.


I'm an engineer. Sort of. I study how to build things but more importantly how people react to what is built. This way every system I build is effective.


I like to innovate and try new things. That's what makes our solar systems awesome.